Dannii Minogue 'fuming' after being axed by Simon Cowell on The X Factor

Dannii Minogue

Aussie star Dannii Minogue is reportedly 'fuming' after she was pushed out of The X Factor by Simon Cowell. Despite on Saturday claiming she had decided to quit the show, it now seems as though the former popstar had in fact been "forced out" of the show by bosses who wanted a change.

A source told the Daily Mail: "Dannii’s fuming. She was put in a terrible position of being told she would have do that dreadful 25-hour flight countless times over the next few months if she wanted to do the show.

"No attempt was made to move dates for her or to help her out. After a very tense week, she just said, 'I’m a mum, how can I keep flying back and forth? I have a baby to care for'."

Despite not having a clue about Dannii's exit at the weekend, suddenly the newspaper reckons they know what went on. "We wanted to freshen up the panel," they quote a source on the show as saying.

"Although there was a clash of dates, it would not have been insurmountable if everyone had really wanted to keep her."


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