Are Circus of Horrors 'too extreme' for Britain's Got Talent (and the Queen!)?

Circus of Horrors

Circus of Horrors are 'too extreme' for Britain's Got Talent and the Queen at the Royal Variety, it has been claimed. According to The Mirror the act's performance on Saturday night as "only a glipse" of what the group could do, and they had yet to reveal more of their extreme acts...

The group received three yeses and a standing ovation from the judges and audience on Saturday night's show, following a performance which included a variety of stunts and circus themed acrobats.


However the newspaper claims that the act's main talents are too gruesome for telly, and the group has already been banned from performing a many venues in the UK. "Captain Dan the Demon Dwarf, for example, uses a delicate part of his anatomy to swing a bowling pin between his legs," the paper says.

They continued: "Then there’s Hannibal Helmurto, who can pull a four-ton truck with ropes attached to meat hooks in his back. On his debut he ended up in hospital after piercing his windpipe with a 4ft sabre – and now only swallows drills

"Kiros the “dislocator” can put his bones out of joint and squeeze through the frame of a tennis racket, while ringmaster Dr Haze sets himself alight and another performer stubs out cigs on her tongue."

The group were put through regardless and are now tipped to impress on the live semi finals at the end of the month with Simon Cowell.

Watch Circus of Horrors on Britain's Got Talent 2011 here

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