Louis Walsh shocked over Dannii Minogue's sudden departure from the show!

Louis Walsh

Irish music mogul Louis Walsh told last night how he was taken by surprise by Dannii Minogue's quitting of The X Factor, telling The Sun that he "genuinely thought" that the Aussie popstar was coming back. He added that was sad for Dannii after a deal couldn't be worked out.

The Aussie star announced on Saturday night that she wouldn't be able to take part in this year's series due to schedule clashes with Australia's Got Talent.


Louis said: "I'm shocked. I genuinely thought she was coming back. I thought they'd done a deal, I really did.

"It's a big show and an amazing opportunity. I'm sad for Dannii that it didn't work out."

Louis will be the only remaining member of last year's panel on last year's show and, alongside host Dermot, the only unchanged part of the whole cast.

Last night he said he'd miss both Dannii and Cheryl, even if he is slightly glad that they're gone! “I will miss both for different reasons," he told Newsbeat. "They’re annoying both of them and I’m glad that they’re gone, but I will miss them. You do become friends with people.”

The X Factor 2011 auditions kick off in Birmingham on June 1.

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