So... here's what Sinitta thinks about Dannii Minogue quitting The X Factor

Sinitta and Simon

With any news about The X Factor there is always one person we can count on to give their expert opinion of experts: Simon Cowell's pal Sinitta. And following Dannii Minogue's quitting of the show yesterday, one hit wonder Sinitta certainly didn't disappoint.

Writing on Twitter, a questionably sober Sinitta said: "Ok, just read Sista D's statement saying she not doing XFUK.. Hell to the NO!!!! No tweedy-pie NO simey, NO sista D! ... Just loulou...???!

"I say we all start packing sun block, shades and the big trunks and head out to LA- "yoo hoo, simey!" many changes at once wow!...but Seems she has the other show to do! Madness!"


Sinitta told fellow X Factor fans: "We have to be positive as much as we hate change- look at Mike and Hoff on BGT-genius casting..I need a cup of tea..Collect thoughts, chill."

And in more shocking news, the 'So Macho' singer revealed even her hugely important role in the show was under threat. "its not looking good for me either, looks like every one new.. Ugh," she tweeted.

Quickly moving on, Sinitta discussed who she'd like to see judge this year's show, writing: "Why don't we think about who we would love to see as a Judge- I say [Victoria] Beckham, Rihanna, Katy Brand, of course my Heroes Madonna +Oprah [Winfrey]!

"Robbie [Williams] and Gary [Barlow], Beckham and Geri [Halliwell]... Now THAT would be a Competitive Panel!! Me as referee!"

Glad we could get her thoughts on the matter!


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