Britney Spears fantasist Lorna Bliss thinks she is the singer - says her ex

Lorna Bliss

Lorna Bliss doesn't just try to look, dance and sing like Britney, she really thinks she IS the singer! According to her ex, Lorna Bliss is "so obsessed" with the US popstar that she actually thinks she is the star and "rarely came out of character" - even when in the bedroom!

Lorna's ex Danny Lopez – a Johnny Depp impersonator – dated the impersonator for 18 months. He told the Sunday Mirror: “Lorna wanted to be Britney every hour of every day. She would be sweet and innocent one minute like the Britney everyone knew from her younger days – but then fly into crazy meltdowns the next.

“I’ve never met anyone so obsessed with another person. It was creepy and her unhealthy obsessions definitely ruined our relationship.

“It was impossible to fall in love with someone you knew was only in love with Britney Spears. She couldn’t even stop being her when we were in bed.”

In his exclusive interview, he continued: “She wanted to wear the kinky outfits that she wore in videos such as Toxic and Slave but that wasn’t my thing. She would often say things to me like ‘Britney likes it this way’ when we were having sex, and it was a real turn-off. She was clearly getting kicks out of it though.

“At this point I felt like I was dating a complete fantasist.”

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