Nervous 24-year-old Jai McDowall wows the Britain's Got Talent 2011 judges

Jai McDowall

Very nervous 24 year old support worker Jai McDowall wows the Britain's Got Talent 2011 panel on tonight's latest show. Young Jai impresses judges Amanda Holden, David Hasselhoff and Michael McIntyre as her performs the song Anthem from Chess at auditions in Birmingham.

"I’m Jai, I’m 24 from Ayr in Scotland and today I’m going to be singing for the judges.," he tells the cameras "I sing all the time – in the car, in the shower – but I’ve never actually sung professionally before. I work as a support worker which involves looking after young adults with disabilities.


"It’s a good job to have and I absolutely love doing it but singing is my dream. I’m feeling very nervous about my audition today. The closer it gets, the more butterflies you have in your stomach, the more nervous I become. I’ve never done this before. Sometimes my legs start to shake; I’m hoping that won’t happen. If I can control my voice then hopefully everything will be ok."

After his performance it’s a standing ovation from Amanda and the audience but what will Michael and David make of Jai’s performance?

Michael tells the singer: "That was really, really wonderful and powerful and emotional. Three quarters of the way into it I could see you trembling and welling up and then you belted that last bit out with everything you had."

Meanwhile David Hasselhoff adds: "You absolutely nailed it. You’ve got heart and emotion, and you can let go of the mike stand! Relax, you did it!"

Amanda said: Your little knees were trembling throughout that. Your voice is so powerful. Congratulations.

So has Jai overcome his nerves and saved himself a place in the next round?

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