Retired one eyed builder John puzzles the Britain's Got Talent judges with bucket balancing act

Britain's Got Talent

A retired builder with one eye called John leaves the Britain's Got Talent 2011 panel puzzled in tonight's show, after he prances around on stage balancing buckets on his head. The bizarre act confuses the judges, but the live audience seem to love it!

"My name’s John, I’m 64 from Derbyshire and I’m a retired builder," he says before going on stage. " On the building site you can only get 12 bricks in the hod, so I developed this technique where I could stack 20 bricks, lift them up and put them on my head and run up the ladders all day long. Today I’m going to balance some gorilla tubs on my head. I’m going to balance 20 on my head. The equivalent weight is something like 18 stone on my head. Nobody else in the world can do what I do. It would mean such a lot to my life to perform in the Royal Variety Show."


John goes out to meet the judges, telling them: "I‘m John, I’m 64, I’m a diabetic and I’ve only got one eye. "

David Hasselhoff quips: "Well this is going to be fun."

John lifts the 20 gorilla tubs on to his head and balances them there whilst moving around to Eye of the Tiger. He lifts his t-shirt and slaps his belly in time to the music.

"That’s it?" asks a confused Hoff. "The act is balancing yellow buckets on your head?"

Meanwhile Michael adds: The audience obviously enjoy the buckets on the head act and I can’t deny that I am desperate to see you balance more things on your head.

As the judges bicker, David says: "Oh no, no! Come on, no way."

"David, this is Britain, you need to lower your expectations," jokes Michael.

David is unimpressed and gives John a no and it’s a yes from Michael so John’s fate lies with Amanda. Find out if he can make it in tonight's show at 8PM on ITV1.

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