Britain's Got Talent judges Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff at each other's throats!

Britain's Got Talent 2011

As auditions continue across the country in tonight's show, Britain's Got Talent 2011 judges Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff can’t seem to agree on anything. Not only do the pair bicker and argue on stage, but even behind the scenes in the judging room they're winding one another up!

It starts with one auditionee called Chris from London who sings Billy Joel’s Just the way You Are.

Michael tells him: "I was just wondering whether it’s a really good karaoke, where everybody says ‘you’re really amazing’ or whether you’re actually a good enough singer or whether you’re just really good at nailing that on karaoke night...."

However David interrupts: "What? So do you like him?"

"Yes I liked him but do I like him enough?" Michael replies.

"So, good on karaoke night or just good?" asks David.


In the end Amanda steps in, telling the pair: "Look, let’s just get on with it. We want to leave this theatre by midnight."

Meanwhile back in the judges’ room, David complains: "Can you make your speeches at least a half an hour shorter?"

Michael hits back: "Oh yes, that’s fine. Or, you could not talk at all."

David then quips: "I’ve nothing to say after you, you take all my jokes."

Amanda Holden is once again forced to step in the stop the arguing pair, telling them: "Stop it the pair of you."

The pair continue to disagree as the London auditions continue...

Britain's Got Talent 2011 continues tonight at 8PM on ITV1 and ITV1 HD

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