Circus of Horrors win over Britain's Got Talent 2011 panel with their wacky variety act

Circus of Horrors

Tomorrow night's episode of Britain's Got Talent take a visit over to Birmingham, where the judges and live audience witness something just a little bit different. The panel are introduced the weird and wonderful variety act 'Circus of Horrors' who have been performing together for years.

"My name is Dr Haze and I am the un-dead ringmaster and creator of the Circus of Horrors," Haze tells the camera. "We are bizarre and unusual people from every walk of life. Hannibal was a tax inspector for the German government."

Hannibal adds: "I had a suit, I had a normal haircut and here I am now."

Haze continues: "We’re all like one big family of freaks and we’ve got no problem with that. All the acts in the Circus of Horrors have a big element of danger. There’s no room for error, it’s got to be spot on. You’re going to be in for a hell of a shock but whatever you do, don’t try this at home. "

The Circus of Horrors takes to the stage. There is singing, a contortionist, a woman that swings around the stage from her hair, a man limboing under a pole that is on fire, a man roller-skating whilst a woman swings from his neck from a tie and a sword swallower.

Amanda tells the group: "It was gruesomely good. All I kept thinking about was your hair. How does it not fall out? With all my extensions that would be me done."

David adds "I thought it was fantastic. Now that is entertainment. I want to go to a party with you guys."

Meanwhile Michael completed the trio of positive responses by saying: That made for a real visual feast. I didn’t know where to look. It was spectacular, congratulations."

Could this weird and wonderful act be entertaining the Queen later this year?

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