Drummers 'The Highwaymen' split the Britain's Got Talent judges - but Ant & Dec love them!

Highway Men

The auditions move to Glasgow in tonight's Britain's Got Talent episode and see nine friends from the Royal Marines, otherwise known as The Highway Men, try out for the judges. The drummers unfortunately have a tough time in front of the panel, with Michael McIntyre and Amanda Holden unconvinced...

Member Stuart says "We’re all serving members of the Royal Marines band service. We’ve got people that have been in the group for 3 to nearly 20 years. Our ages range from 18-37. The Highway Men do something a bit different and just enjoy what we do. We’re all keen drummers. For us to win Britain’s Got Talent would be a great honour and a great privilege for us to play for the Queen."

The Highwaymen take to the stage where Amanda Holden asks: Do you ever get called out to war zones?

Stuart replies Yes, Stu served in Iraq, Matt served in Iraq and I’ve been to Afghanistan.

The Highwaymen begin their drumming act. The lights go down and their drum sticks glow in blue. The audience are on their feet but the judges are split.

"If I’m honest," begins Michael McIntyre, "There were points in it where I started to get a bit bored but just as that would happen you would do something that would stop me from potentially buzzing. It was ok."


As the audience boo, Amanda adds "Lots of it was exciting and then there were some bits where I wanted it to end. Then I think if you went through to the next round it’s going to be pretty much the same thing."

David meanwhile was more positive, telling the group: "You guys are on the edge of getting really great. You’re really good but you’ve got to take it to the next level so if we do vote you back you’ve got to step it up. I think you’re really capable of doing that."

It’s a yes from David but a no from Amanda and Michael.

However from the sidelines, Ant & Dec are annoying by the decision. "I can’t believe that. The audience loved that," Ant says, "They’re booing the judges’ decision. The audience are shouting ‘bring them back’ I think we should bring them back. "

On stage, Ant tells the judges: "They’re good, they’re very good. I honestly think you might have made a mistake."

Will all Ant & Dec’s campaigning for The Highwaymen change Michael and Amanda’s minds?

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