The wonderful Matt Edmondson wants to be a part of The X Factor again this year!

Matt Edmondson

Presenter Matt Edmondson says he wants to be back on The X Factor this year in some form - possibly as the host of The Xtra Factor! The new face of T4 last year presented the rather brilliant online spin-off 'F Factor show' and it seems as though he's hoping for a promotion this year...

"As you know, The Xtra Factor job hasn't been given to anyone yet. It could be [Bobby] Davro, it could not be Davro," Matt told DigitalSpy, joking: "He's probably got as much chance as me."

He continued: "I hope to have some involvement in The X Factor this year, whether it's with The F Factor as it was, or whether it's The F Factor on telly or something as you have insinuated on The Xtra Factor."

Presenters currently linked to the Xtra Factor include everyone from Kimberley Walsh to Dancing On Ice star Jeff Brazier.

However Matt suggested the role of Xtra Factor host is probably the last one the show bosses make. He said: "I think it's the least important decision that someone very important has to make. It's like, 'who's judging? Give Barlow a ring. Let's get Lilly Allen. Let's screentest Tulisa from N-Dubz'. They work all that out and then at the end of it, they go, 'oh, The Xtra Factor' and Jeff Brazier will get that call.

"It would be a shame not to do something this year, but like Louis Walsh, I'm going to say, 'I haven't seen a contract yet'."

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