Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox reckons she'd make a good X Factor judge - despite admitting to being tone deaf!

The X Factor

Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox has said she reckons her years of playing the latest chart music and interviewing the biggest music stars have make her the perfect judge for The X Factor! The mum-of-three however admitted that despite this - she is also tone deaf!

“If Simon’s reading this, my decade of playing pop on the radio to the nation obviously gives me the right to judge others,” Sara told The Mirror.


“The fact I’m completely tone deaf and struggle to know if something is out of key is irrelevant. I’d just be like ‘That’s brilliant!’ The X Factor and ­The Xtra ­Factor are great shows so it’d be amazing to do it. But unless they ask me at some point in the next two weeks, I haven’t got it!"

Meanwhile the radio star also revealed she was pleased that pal Cheryl Cole landed the job in The X Factor USA. 36-year-old Sara told the tabloid: “I’m over the moon for Cheryl, though. I interviewed her recently and she wouldn’t tell me anything, but I think she’s a sweetheart, a brilliant export and deserves to have huge success.

"I don’t think they’ll have a problem with her accent either – it’s more of a lilt. You do get different accents in America, too!”


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