Britain’s Got Talent hopefuls Girls Roc ordered off stage by Katie Price!

Girls Roc

It seems as though Britain's Got Talent hopefuls Girls Roc have taking their first steps into today's celeb world by getting into an argument with Katie Price! According to The Sun, the raunchy dance troupe were 'ordered off stage' by Katie Price after she saw her boyfriend admiring their act!

The newspaper claims Katie ordered the dancers off of a stage in a top London night club after she 'caught' boyfriend Leandro Penna talking to some of the group.


Officials from Merah nightclub in London's West End put a stop when Katie Price "voiced her concern".

Girls Roc leader Nicola Wills told the tabloid: "Leandro looked and smiled and said 'hello' then she said to him, 'What are you looking at?' The next thing we were told to get down. She wasn't very happy.

"It's a shame because I really like her. I think she is strong and a businesswoman and I love her reality show."

Britain's Got Talent 2011 continues this Saturday on ITV1.

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