New Bounce told to 'play down' their singing and underperform for Britain's Got Talent?

Britain's Got Talent 2011

Boy group New Bounce, who were seen on Saturday’s audition show being given a second chance to sing for the panel, are reportedly West End stars. The singers, who appeared nervous and sung flat during their first song, had claimed that they had just "practised in their bedrooms".

According to The Mirror today however the four guys - Mitchell, 16, James and MJ, both 12 and Kuan, 13 - are part of hit stage show Thriller Live. It may be unsurprising to learn that the group played the Jackson 5 members on the tribute musical.

One viewer of the stage spectacle described the boys' performance as “outstanding”, and suggested they were told to ­underperform at their audition in Manchester earlier this year to increase the drama.

Halfway through the group's rendition of Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are on Saturday night, Amanda stopped the music and asked the boys: “Do you have another song?”

They went on to sing ‘All My Life’ by K-C and JoJo. After they finished, David Hasselhoff told them: “You, the lead singer, you were singing flat the whole time and the harmonies worked okay…when you came back with the last song, you guys were great.”

Amanda added: “I didn’t think that you were that flat, you worked really, really well together and you can sing.”

Michael McIntyre however still wasn't impressed, telling them: "I’m going to say no.”