Marmite artist Nathan Wyburn wants to create something flammable in the live shows!

Nathan Wyburn

He impressed the judges with his marmite and toast portrait of Michael McIntyre on Saturday's show, but now Nathan Wyburn has revealed he plans to heat things up in the live shows. Speaking to Lorraine Kelly yesterday, Nathan said he planned to work with fire if he made through to the semi-finals.

The 21-year-old student said: "Hopefully if I get to the next round it will be something different, I’m thinking of fire, something flammable.

"I want to go away from food a little bit."

Asked about his previous work, Nathan revealed he's used all sorts to create art - with Marmite being one of the less weird choices! "I’ve used tea light candles, snow, curry, ketchup, chocolate," he explained, "Anything really."

Despite studying for a degree in Fine Art, Nathan also revealed his will aim in life is to become a telly presenter, of an art related show, of course!

"The dream is a TV career," the youngster said, "Something like Art Attack would be great. There’s nothing like that anymore."

(Guess no one informed Nathan of Art Attack’s return to Disney Junior this week then?)

Watch Nathan Wyburn on Britain's Got Talent 2011 here

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