Britain's Got Talent spokesperson denies violinist Alexandra Parker 'copied' her audition

Alexandra Parker

A spokesperson for Britain’s Got Talent has denied that violinist Alexandra Parker used somebody else's music in her audition. A member of string quartet Bond used Twitter to accuse Alexandra and the show of stealing their music during the audition on Saturdaynight's show.

"Omg. Just been sent a link of the violinist on #bgt an she is playing *cough* over our recording ON THE SHOW!! inexcusable of #ITV, [sic]" the barely legible message read. Group member Eos Chater continued: "The track she played over is called 'Gypsy Rhapsody' she wasn't covering it. Playing along to our CD. Totally passing off!

"She could plead ignorance to laws of copyright and passing off but not #bgt or #itv! WTF?"


Alexandra received three yeses on the show, although it seemed David Hasselhoff was impressed by more than just the instrument skills.

"I would just like to say, you have a lovely string section," he told Alexandra, who was dressed in a skimpy black outfit.

Amanda added: "You are a very good violinist, I'm just trying to keep it real here.”

Meanwhile Chater continued: "Seriously. She has literally just pressed play on our CD and played some wafty faff over it. The tune you hear is our CD! I love watching #bgt but this is outright fraud. She got through to the next round btw."

Despite all the claims, a Britain's Got Talent spokesperson told The Mirror today: "A montage showed Alexandra played the violin live to a backing track. It was an authentic audition in front of an audience."

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