Girls Roc's Nicola Wills reveals: We toned down our act for Britain's Got Talent!

Girls Roc

Leader of sexy dance troupe Girls Roc Nicola Wills has revealed that the group actually toned down their act for Britain's Got Talent! Speaking to The Sun, the beauty insisted that their act wasn't too raunchy for the programme - despite Michael McIntyre thinking otherwise


The comedian told the group after their audition on Saturday: "It’s all very sexy, and I’m still getting over that blowing out the thing bit, with the… oh my goodness. See that’s the problem I have, see maybe it’s a little bit too, just a bit too… Well just a bit too naughty?”

However Amanda disagreed, saying: “No, that was perfect!”

She added: “Girls, I love girls that are naughty, I think that it was dangerous, I think it was well put together, it was exciting, there was something for everybody, you’ve all got great bottoms! I thought you bought something different."

Last night Nicola said: "We actually toned down our act for Britain's Got Talent."

And the dancer joked: "The Queen might be shocked but Prince Philip - he'd love it, he would be like 'woohoo'."

Nicola added that their outfits were made to look more skimpy because of their bums! "We all have dancers' bums so we munch up the leotard," she told the newspaper. "We didn't have thong leotards on but by the end of it we looked like we had."

The group managed to get through the auditions thanks to yeses from Amanda and The Hoff.

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