A hungry Michael McIntyre breaks Nathan's toast and marmite portrait!

Nathan Wyburn Michael

Poor Fine Art student Nathan spent his Britain’s Got Talent audition making a portrait of Michael McIntyre out of toast and marmite - only for the hungry comic to break it after trying to pinch a bit to eat! The good news for Nathan however was he did seem to win over the panel with his strange act!

Nathan's audition original confused the panel but as he assembled the slices of toast and marmite onto a board it became clear the montage makes up Michael McIntyre’s face.

On seeing this, Michael stands up, clapping, and says: “That’s brilliant," he continues: “I’m going to be honest with you…I have been saying that more acts should have my face in them, and this is the kind of thing I’ve been hoping for…I thought it was very creative.”

Amanda adds: “I absolutely love toast and Marmite…I could eat it all day. You’re using two of my favourite things in my life…you either love it or hate it…I love it, well done.”

David asks: “What would you do if we brought you back, seriously?"

Nathan replies: “Basically I use anything you find in the house to create pieces of art…I want to use fire, maybe soil, gardening materials, anything.”

After Nathan has left the stage, Michael announces he wants the toast, so he jumps on the stage, takes a slice, and the whole montage collapses.

VIDEO: Watch Michael McIntyre gets toasted by Nathan Wyburn on Britain’s Got Talent!

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