11-year-old autistic James Hobley's back story leaves everyone emotional on Britain's Got Talent

James Hobley

An 11-year-old boy called James Hobley leaves every one emotional on tonight's Britain’s Got Talent, as the youngster tells all about how his mum has helped him with his autism. The dancer, who describes dancing as "his life", says he has mum to thank for discovering his talent.

“Mum decided to take me [to dance lessons…I loved it and it just grew on from there," James says. “Before I started dancing I had orthopaedic boots and splints up my back and my legs because I used to walk on my tip toes a lot…but then when I started dancing my tendons just got looser and looser until I never had to wear them anymore.”

When asked why he loves dancing, James replies: “I love dancing, it’s the feeling of when I dance, I feel free, like I can do anything.”


James takes to the stage and when asked by Michael if he’s at school, he replies: “My mum’s home schooling me because I’m autistic.”

James tells the judges he’s been dancing for about three-and-a-half years and Michael asks him if he loves dancing?

James says: “Yes, it’s my life.”

James starts his performance, and backstage his mum is crying.

Ant says: “I’m going as well here.”

The audience absolutely love James and his performance, and after he finishes, David stands up from his seat, clapping.

Watch James' performance on tonight's Britain’s Got Talent from 8PM on ITV1

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