Body builder Robert (Bobby) shocks Britain’s Got Talent with his brilliant voice

Amanda Holden

Despite people like Susan Boyle and Michael Collings, it seems as though the Britain’s Got talent panel still haven't learnt their lesson and are continuing to judge people based on their looks! Tonight sees hunk Robert, or Bobby, shock the panel with his brilliant voice.

Bobby says: “When I walk out on stage it’ll be the biggest audience I have ever sung to.”

He sings ‘Hey There, Lonely Girl’.

There is a big reaction because Bobby is very masculine with tattoos and he sings with a very high-pitched voice, so he doesn’t sing as the audience were expecting.

After his performance, Michael says: “Bobby, I don’t understand what just happened, you come out here with your tattoos…I’m going to buy your albums, I’m going to come to your concerts. Brilliant!”

Amanda adds: “I mean, I closed my eyes and I tried to imagine if you were a girl so I could make sense of it and it still didn’t make sense but I liked you.”

David says: “You did it well…I liked your attitude and you won the hearts of the audience and you won mine as well.”

So it sounds like at least two yeses for Bobby, but what will Michael McIntyre think of the performance?

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