Less than impressive dog act Angela and Teddy leave the judges in stitches!

Angela and Teddy

Angela and Teddy, her dog, hope to impress the Britain’s Got Talent panel in tonight's latest audition show - however they up leaving the judges crying with laughter! The dog act becomes so bad that Amanda, Michael and David can't stop watching... and laughing!

Angela says: “I’ve had Teddy for, well he’s 12-years-old, so I’ve had him for 12 years because I’ve had him since he was two-months old. He did a couple of little tricks at home, little twirls, bits and pieces….when I go on stage I will be nervous but I’ll be trying my hardest not to show it so it won’t affect Teddy. “

When Angela tells the judges that Teddy is a toy poodle, Michael asks: “Is Teddy real, Angela?” Michael then asks Angela: “ Is Teddy your best friend?”


Angela replies: “Yes, definitely.”

The pair dance to ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’, which prompts Amanda to start giggling. As the tricks get worse and teddy refuses to take part, the panel are left in hysterics! After they finish their routine, Angela says: “He (Teddy) started to relax at the end.”

David comments: “You’re so adorable, the dog’s so adorable, I thought it was a nice act, it was very entertaining.”

Amanda continues: “I really loved that, even though he’s a little bit long in the tooth, I think he did alright…he was funny.”

Michael adds: “I have to say it’s nice having you and Teddy being slightly apologetic…and Teddy can barely keep his eyes open at this point.”

Angela replies: “Well he hasn’t had a sleep since five (am). Teddy usually sleeps on the bed until about 10 in the morning.”

Michael: “Despite that, as a package, I thought you were brilliant and when you lowered your arms to a cradle, a whole two inches off the ground, and he jumped through it, I thought …”

Angela says: “Normally it’s a lot higher but he hasn’t got the energy.”

The judges vote, but have Angela and Teddy done enough?

Backstage, Angela says to Ant and Dec: “He can do miles better.”

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