Girl group Girls Roc heat up Britain’s Got Talent with sexy fire dance routine!

Girls Roc

A seven piece all girl dance troupe heat up tonight's Britain’s Got Talent 2011 audition show with a routine involving fire and snakes! Girls Roc tell the panel that they've got attitude but what will judges Amanda, Michael and The Hoff make of their performance?

Nicola (27), Danielle (23), Hannah (26), Lucy (22), Stephanie (23), Kelly (25) and Georgie (23) make up Girls Roc.


Nicola tells the cameras: “Girls Roc is made up of seven members, we’re a performance variety act. A Girls Roc girl, first of all, they’ve got to be exceptionally hot! They’ve got to have the attitude, no wimps. We know we’re good at what we do, we want to show everyone. This is it, this is where it all begins."

On stage, the members of Girls Roc begin dancing with fire, snakes and an ankle grinder to Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl in the World’. The snake is brought backstage and put around Ant’s neck. Music then changes to Barbra Streisand and they carry on with their performance.

As their routine finishes, the audience and Ant and Dec applaud their performance, but what will the judges make of it?

David tells the girls: “So Girls Roc, you come out here, you look wow, you’re really gorgeous, you’re really pretty, totally confident in what you do and you’ve got a beautiful act.”

As the audience continues to cheer, Michael McIntyre says: “It’s all very sexy, and I’m still getting over that blowing out the thing bit, with the... oh my goodness. See that’s the problem I have, see maybe it’s a little bit too, just a bit too... Well just a bit too naughty?”

But Amanda interrupts “No, that was perfect!”

She adds: “Girls, I love girls that are naughty, I think that it was dangerous, I think it was well put together, it was exciting, there was something for everybody, you’ve all got great bottoms! I thought you bought something different.”

However Michael sticks to his guns, telling the group: “Well there’s no doubt about it, you’re all gorgeous. But I’m sorry it’s a no.”

So it’s up to Amanda and Michael to decide their fate! Tune into Britain's Got Talent 2011 tonight at 8PM on ITV1!

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