Teenage band New Bounce split the panel after two chances on Britain's Got Talent

David Hasselhoff

A four pice teenage band split the Britain's Got talent panel on tonight's show, despite getting a second chance to audition. The group, made up of members Mitchell, 16, James, 12, Kuan, 13 and MJ, 12, are left in the balance as David Hasselhoff is given the deciding vote.

Mitchell says: “We started singing together and we thought it would be a good idea to make a band"

James adds: “The dream is to be big stars, recording, on tours, number ones.”

Halfway through their rendition of Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are, Amanda stops the music and asks the boys: “Do you have another song?”

They sing ‘All My Life’ by K-C and JoJo.

After they finish, David says: “You, the lead singer, you were singing flat the whole time and the harmonies worked okay…when you came back with the last song, you guys were great.”

Amanda: “I didn’t think that you were that flat, you worked really, really well together and you can sing.”

Michael: “I agree with David…I did think when you were singing that first song it was flat, I felt it really was…in the second song it was better…”

And the judges vote.

Amanda: “I’m going to say yes.”

Michael: “I’m going to say no.”

David: “You gotta work on your stuff, you were flat today…but I’m glad you sang that second song ..."

The deciding vote lies with David, find out what he says on Britain's Got Talent 2011 tonight at 8PM on ITV1