David Hasselhoff chats up the mum of one Britain's Got Talent auditionee!

David Hasselhoff

When Chloe found out she would be auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent, never did she think that it would her mum stealing all of her airtime! Chloe's mum - a huge fan of new Britain’s Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff runs out on stage to flirt with the man himself - and he's far from put off!

"Who are you here with today?" David asks Chloe as she stands on stage.


Chloe replies: “I'm here with my mum and she's obsessed with you," as the mum runs out on stage.

“Well hello Mum!” says David, whilst the mum tells him: “Hello, I'm looking for a husband!”

Meanwhile Michael McIntyre turns to the audience, and with Ant and Dec joining in, start shouting: “Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss...”

The Mum walks down to David and gives him kiss and hug. The Mum walks off stage to Ant and Dec and she mimics fainting!

Meanwhile David tells Chloe: “Tell your Mum I'm in room 708.”

Poor Chloe, so much drama and she still hasn't performed yet - we don't even know what her talent is!

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