Stephen Mulhern: Even Lady GaGa isn't eccentric enough for Britain's Got Talent!

Stephen Mulhern

Lady Gaga seemingly has the ability to grow horns from her face and shoulders, and style a selection of meats – but when it comes to being wackier than the contestants on Britain’s Got Talent, 'More Talent' presenter Stephen Mulhern doesn’t think she stands a chance - saying she's just not eccentric enough!

Speaking to The Sun's Buzz magazine this week, Stephen said: “Everyone would probably say that Lady Gaga could storm it in front of the judges. But I’m sorry, she’s just not eccentric enough.”

Stephen is adamant the 25-year-old singer is tame in comparison to some of this year’s oddball acts - but admitted she was a good performer! “That said, I think Lady Gaga would definitely get to the semi-finals because she’s quite different...She’s a good performer, but there’s no way I could see her winning it or making it to the live finals.

"We’ve got far more weird and wacky acts, so she’d have to try a bit harder I’m afraid.”

Britain's Got More Talent airs from 9PM tomorrow on ITV2. Read more BGT gossip in Buzz magazine tomorrow with The Sun

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