Simon Cowell says he'll be a "fair judge" on Britain's Got Talent - and won't see any acts before the live shows!

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has promised that he'll be a fair judge on Britain's Got Talent 2011, even going as far as to say he won't even see what the acts are up to in rehearsals! Speaking to The Sun, Cowell promised that he'll walk out onto the stage during the live shows with an open mind.

"I'm going to walk into the live shows on the night and try to judge it fairly," Cowell told the tabloid today. "I'm keeping my distance because I think it's only fair. I'm not going to see any rehearsals."

The music boss also dismissed reports that the programme was struggling in the ratings, explaining: "The fact is, people are enjoying it. I think it's fantastic. Ratings peaked last year at 11.8million and this week it was 11.4million.

"If you'd told me a year later we'd be getting these numbers, who says that would be bad news?

"It's creeping up. It went up week on week. You've just got to keep making good TV. The public aren't stupid. They like the show. I know this is a good show. I think the talent is better this year than last year."

Simon also confirmed those rumours about David Hasselhoff getting the axe were "ridiculous" - good news for you Hoff fans!

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