Christian charity seeks to ban 'raunchy' X Factor performances and gay kisses on TV

Rihanna X Factor

A Government-backed review let by Christian charity Mothers' Union boss Reg Bailey is set to recommend that 'raunchy' X Factor performances and gay kisses, amongst other things, should not be shown before the watershed. According to reports, Prime Minister David Cameron wants to crack down further on the "sexualisation" of children.

The move comes despite the fact that Ofcom dismissed more than 2,000 complaints last month about performances on last year's X Factor final show, saying that they were within the rules.

The review into telly guidelines will seek to impose the views of a minority on the rest of the TV audience, with gay kisses also being banned before the watershed.

A source told The Sun: "It is hard to protect children in the internet and mobile phone age, but we have to do something."

Unfortunately instead of suggesting just being a parent and not letting your children watch TV shows you deem inappropriate, the report is simply set to suggest a ban on a number of 'sexy' scenes.

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