Olivia Binfield: Britain's Got Talent judges were scared of my snake!

Olivia snake

Cute little Olivia Binfield has told how the Britain's Got Talent judges were apparently terrified when she walked onto the stage with to audition with a 6ft snake wrapped around her neck. The 7-year-old surprisingly got three yeses from the panel for reading a poem on last night's show.

Olivia told The Mirror: “I wasn’t even a wincey bit nervous – but I think the judges were scared.

“I wanted to let people know about all the endangered species in the world. This was a good way to let people hear what I’m worried about.”

However the judge’s decision to put through the limited act has been met with much criticism. One described the act as "hopeless", adding: "As usual because she's a child, the audience and judges went with their 'aww' emotions."

Another commented: "Great for CBBC. Not BGT."

A third cheekily said: "Now if it was the snake reading the poem, that would be special!"

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