66-year-old singer Herbie given a second chance by Amanda Holden... but will he get through?

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden gives 66-year-old singer Herbie given a second chance to audition in tomorrow night's Britain's Got Talent, but will it be enough to convince the panel to put him through? The bar owner sings and plays the guitar on stage, but the panel are unconvinced about his choice of song.

"I run a bar and a restaurant for a living," he tells the judges, "I play the guitar and I’m singing one of my own songs today. My four children and my wife really support me and my music 100%. I brought my first guitar when I was 11 years of age. I’ve had a career in music for most of my life.


"A lot of stuff I’ve done in the past, I’ve always worked as a session guitar player but I’ve never broken through as the front man. I feel that it’s maybe the time to do something for me as me."

His wife and daughter wait nervously in the wings as Herbie starts to sing his own song. Only a few bars into the song however, Amanda stops Herbie.

"I‘m just wondering, just to give you the best shot, it’s a nice song and everything, but I’m just wondering if you have a second song that we might be familiar with?" Amanda asks.

Herbie then sings Van Morrison’s Have I Told You Lately.

Has Herbie got what it takes to be the front man this time around?

Tune into Britain's Got Talent 2011 this weekend to find out!

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