Taekwondo trio with a twist TKD Remix leave the judging panel split on BGT

Britain's Got Talent

Taekwondo trio TKD Remix leave the Britain's Got Talent panel split on tomorrow's show, we can reveal. The group hope that they have what it takes to wow the judges with their martial arts act with a twist, but with a yes from one judge and a no from another, their fate is far from certain.

The group from West London are made up of Harwinder, 25, Rajveer, 14, and Thangaes, 13.


Speaking to the cameras before their audition Harwinder says: "We’re Taekwondo with a slight contrast. My main motivator for Taekwondo was actually Bruce Lee. When I saw his films I thought, one day I need to do something like this. If we won £100,000 I wouldn’t be greedy. I’d give 40% (to the boys) and keep 60% myself.

"The rest of the martial arts community I think will find this act very extraordinary."

On stage and Harwinder tells the judging panel at the London auditions: "We’re doing an extreme Taekwondo demonstration with a slight contrast for you guys."

The boys start their performance with a complex Taekwondo routine of high kicks, punches and chops. The music then changes and the boys start a traditional Bollywood dance routine. The audience loved it and are on their feet but what will the judges make of it?

Michael McIntyre tells the group: "You’ve made mess of the stage, you’ve no respect for chopping boards, you were sort of all over the place..."

Louis Walsh, standing in for David Hasselhoff, was more optimistic. "You put a smile on my face," he said, " I wasn’t expecting that but I enjoyed it."

Amanda said: "You’re very light on your feet (pointing to Harwinder), and very ferocious and very fast."

Louis gives the trio a yes but Michael doesn't think what it takes, so TKD Remix’s fate lies with Amanda. Will it be a yes and a place in the next round?

Britain's Got Talent 2011 continues tomorrow night at 8PM on ITV1.

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