Stephen Mulhern says he "feels sorry" for Konnie Huq but admits the show "didn't work".

Konnie Huq

Host of Xtra Factor's sister show Britain's Got More Talent Stephen Mulhern has said that he feels sorry for Konnie Huq being axed from the show, but admitted that she "didn't work" on the programme. Konnie became the latest Xtra Factor host to get the chop earlier this year after just one series.

Stephen Mulhern meanwhile has been fronting the Britain's Got Talent ITV2 spin-off for 5 years now, since he show begun, so what's his secret? "We don't ever stand still," he tells DigitalSpy, "You will never switch over from ITV1 and think, 'I've seen half of this already'. Also, we get Ant & Dec involved, we get the judges involved and we always do that in a spontaneous way and change it every year.

"Things like The Hoffice sketch, that was never intentional or planned, it just happened when we met him. Also it's about dedication. We had cameras filming The Hoff from the moment he arrived to the moment he left, so we don't miss a single nugget."

Asked where he felt things went wrong with Konnie, Stephen said: "I don't think she went wrong, but the reality is that an ITV2 spinoff show is a very hard thing to do. It's a very hard thing to get right. I don't know whether she felt uncomfortable doing it - for whatever reason it didn't work."

He continued: "In the end it just didn't work and it's a real shame for her because X Factor is such a great brand to present. But I felt sorry for her a bit when it came to the criticism. As a presenter, technically, I think she's very good, but it just didn't work."

A variety of hosts and telly presenters have been linked to this year's Xtra Factor since Konnie was given the push earlier this year. Most recently is Kimberley Walsh, with a source saying last week: "It’s pretty much a done deal”.

Britain's Got More Talent continues tomorrow night on ITV2 at 10PM.

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