Stephen Mulhern reckons new panel has meant more variety to this year's auditions

Stephen Mulhern

Britain's Got More Talent presenter Stephen Mulhern has said that the new Britain's Got Talent panel has meant a much more varied range of auditionees. In an interview with DigitalSpy today, Mulhern said more magicians and comedians were trying out this year now that Simon and Piers had left the panel.

"There is a lot more comedy and a lot more magic," he told the entertainment website. "I think the comedians this year felt that they had more of a chance with Michael on the panel and for magicians, The Hoff comes from the land of magic that is America."

Asked why magicians have struggled on the programme in the past, Stephen explained: "The problem was that Piers and Simon always wanted the lions, tigers and elephants. They wanted the Las Vegas stuff. If a magician didn't have that, it was a reason to buzz in.

"Also, within the magic community, they were quite negative about it and put off by the whole thing. Now there are a couple of magicians auditioning, who I know have said, 'We'll give it a go this year, because we'll get a fair crack of the whip at it with this panel'."

Despite his comments however, Stephen reckons this year's winner will be a youngster! "But having said all that, I do think someone young could win this year," he commented.


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