Oh no! Poor Dannii Minogue rushed to hospital after suffering acute appendicitis

Dannii Minogue

We've just got word that our favourite X Factor judge Dannii Minogue has been hospitalised after suffering from acute appendicitis! The Aussie pop singer is currently resting after being hit by painful stomach aches whilst here in the UK, said to be working on a deal for The X Factor.

Dannii had to be rushed in for emergency surgery at the West London hospital and has since been under 24-hour care.


A source told The Sun today: "Dannii had an onset of extreme pain at weekend and was rushed to hospital. The doctors managed a quick diagnosis so it was decided she should have her appendix taken out there and then.

"They managed to operate on her very soon after she arrived so she was out of the woods quickly. But obviously it was a huge shock to her system and she spent several days recovering. She has now been discharged from hospital and is at home resting."

The insider continued: "Obviously it has been tough as she has baby Ethan to care for her. Kris (Smith, her partner) has been holding the fort."

A spokesman for the X Factor judge commented today: "Dannii was taken into hospital on Saturday with pains in her stomach.

"She was diagnosed with acute appendicitis and had an emergency operation to remove her appendix. She is now convalescing."

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