Dancing Star Wars dancing duo 'Darth Dongle and The Princess' hope to impress BGT panel

Darth Dongle

A duo who dress up as Star Wars characters and dancing to Michael Jackson tracks are just one of many wacky acts on this weekend's Britain's Got Talent. The act might sound familiar to most viewers and that's with good reason - the pair came up with it after meeting former BGT Semi-finalist Darth Jackson!

According to The Sun, the couple - real names Kevin and Kirsty - perform a Star Wars parody as Darth Vader and Princess Leia before dancing to Michael Jackson songs.

The duo were inspired by 2009's semi-finalist Darth Jackson after they met him at a King of Pop convention. Darth - real name Phillip - managed to get all the way to the live shows two years ago but failed when he returned last year, doing the same act but dressed as Batman.

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