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Sinitta and Simon

Oh dear. We just heard that with the news that Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell are off to the states, Sinitta is snooping around for a role on The X Factor! The ‘So Macho’ singer, who has hung around the show like a bad smell since the early series, reckons she deserves a job on the panel!

Originally Sinitta was hoping to appear on the US version of the show - and even asked Simon for a job on the panel. Cowell's reply? "He was quite stunned but positive," Sinitta tells New! magazine this week.

<p.She added: “I’d love my usual role or a judge’s role.”

However with the news that Cheryl Cole is looking set to be Simon's right hand girl in the states, Sinitta thinks it’s only fair that she gets Cole's seat on the UK version of the show!

“I’d be miserable," Sinitta says about not getting a job on the US programme. "The only thing he could do to make it up to me would be to make me a judge on the UK version.”

Again, oh dear.

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