Will.i.am says Cheryl and Simon are irreplaceable (and he doesn't think much of Matt Cardle either)

Cheryl and will.i.am

US superstar Will.i.am has suggested that The X Factor in the UK will struggle without Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell on the panel, describing the pair as irreplaceable. The singer, part of worldwide chart toppers the Black Eyed Peas, added that their replacements would have to be some pretty big names.

"I don't think there is much doubt that Simon and Cheryl are the main two guys," he told The Sun today. "Simon is the glue that holds everything together and people love to watch him, and Cheryl is like a queen in the UK. They are both irreplaceable.


"I am sure their replacements on the show are going to be big names and, to be honest, they will have to be."

Will and his group have taken part in the show numerous times over the years, with the man himself helping Cole to pick her final three during last year's show as well as duetting with Cher in the final.

And in a dig at last year's winner Matt Cardle, Will.i.am suggested that Cheryl Cole had the real winner from last autumn's competition. "Cheryl has had the last three winners," he said. "I don't think there is another female out there who can do what she does on the show.

"She is one of a kind. I think the UK show can still be really fun but I don't see how it can be the same without the two most-loved judges."

Let us just remind ourselves how epic Cher and Will.i.am's duet during last year's final was:


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