Similarities between Edward Reid and our act are "disconcerting", say Frisky and Mannish

Edward Reid

Comedy singing duo Frisky and Mannish have said that the similarities between Edward Reid's act and their own are "disconcerting", adding that his act was very different when the pair gigged together before. However last night Edward hit out at claims suggesting he had copied the idea.

Speaking to The Sun, Frisky and Mannish revealed that they had previously worked together Edward Reid when they both performed on the same stage at the Glasgow Cabaret Festival. At the time, back in 2009, Edward was also part of a double act called Bitter and Twisted.


"At the time their work was very different from ours," the pair revealed, "He's developed his version of Run, which bears strong resemblance to our version of Wheels on the Bus, which he saw us perform at the festival back in 2009.

"Of course we are not claiming we 'own' this genre of cabaret comedy - that is, performing twisted versions of pop songs. But there are strong links and similarities in this instance which are slightly disconcerting."

However last night Edward said: "I have heard of them but I haven't copied their act. The reason I came up with this because I was working with a pair of twins with autism.

"The only language one of them had was E-I-E-I-E-I and his brother only said O-O-O and we would sing Old MacDonald. They liked heavy metal music and they were chanting E-I-O to I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness, but it was too fast so I put it against Run. Then I decided to do it on the show."

He added: "I think Frisky and Mannish are hysterical and extremely talented. But I think there are other people who do stuff like we do. It's camp and tongue-in-cheek. I'd be flattered if anyone compared me to them because I think they're amazing."

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