Simon Cowell and his music label slammed for "immoral" methods of business

Simon Cowell

Music insiders have suggested the way Simon Cowell conducts his Syco music label is "immoral", days after he axed two former X Factor winners. Speaking to a tabloid newspaper however, pop Idol judge Neil Fox defended Cowell, saying being dropped was just a part of showbiz.

"The way they run the business is immoral," an insider told the Daily Mail of Cowell's empire. "The whole basis of a show like X Factor is to find the next big talent. But when they do, they use them and throw them away.

"Talk about crushing people's dreams. What they forget is that often they are dealing with kids who are quite fragile."

Last weeek Syco announced that they would not be renewing the contracts with former winners Joe McElderry and Shayne Ward.

Former Pop Idol judge Neil Fox meanwhile argued that being dropped is "part of showbiz". "It's a production line," he said, "It almost doesn't matter if one act fails to sell records, because there is going to be another television show with a raft of new acts to sign.

"Simon Cowell and his record label are harsh. But that's showbiz."

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