Grace tells of how her 92-year-old grandfather took to singing after death of her gran

Ted & Grace

Ted and Grace impressed us during last night's Britain's Got Talent auditions and now 21-year-old Grace has told how the pair got into singing. Speaking to the News Of The World today, Grace revealed how her granddad had turned to music after the death of his wife - her gran.

The paper says how Ted’s 85-year-old wife passed away eighteen months ago now and the 92-year-old moved in with his family as he struggled to come to terms with the dearth.

Grace told the newspaper: “When gran passed away my granddad didn’t cope but we looked after him.“He needed to find something to fill his time, so he started doing karaoke. BGT is something we can do that we’ll share forever. He sings an old song and I do a modern version."

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