Comedian Edward Reid quickly becomes the Britain's Got Talent favourite!

Edward Reid

Comedian Edward Reid has quickly become the favourite to win Britain’s Got Talent overnight following his audition on yesterday's show. Reid's act, which saw him sing nursery rhymes to the tune on Snow Patrol's 'Run', won a standing ovation from the crowd and three yeses from the judges.

David Hasselhoff described the surprising performance as "really creative", while sexy Amanda Holden joked she would buy Edward's album.


Fellow funnyman Michael McIntyre added: "I can definitely see you getting booked for Elton John's child's first birthday party. Thoroughly entertaining, thoroughly surprising."

Joe Crilly, a spokesman for William Hill, said: "There was a lot more talent showcased on this week's Britain's Got Talent and there was more than one act who had the audience on their feet; not least Edward Reid who is quite rightly our early favourite."

Singer Michael Collings and Matrix dancer Razy Gogonea are also tipped to do well in the competition.

However this good news for Edward follows claims from last night that he had stolen his routine from a singing duo called Frisky and Mannish. One annoyed internet user said described Edward's act as an "Utter rip-off" of the comedy pair who have been performing for years.

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