VIDEO: Did 'Old Macdonald' Edward Reid copy his act from comedy duo Frisky and Mannish?

Edward Reid

Last week saw accusations that Steven Hall had copied his act from YouTube, now this week it's the turn of Edward Reid to have his talent put under the spotlight. The drama teacher wowed the judges with his apparently original take on Snow Patrol's Run, but it seems as though someone has already done it...

Viewers saw on last night's show as Edward performed to the instrumental version of the track, singing instead the lyrics to a number of nursery rhymes including Old MacDonald. However comedy duo Frisky and Mannish seem to have had the idea before, even performing their act on the Radio 1's Live Lounge.

One annoyed internet user descriebed Edward's act as an "utter rip-off" of Frisky and Mannish while another blasted Reid's attempt as simply "lame."

Check out the duo doing the exact same thing as Edward with Girls Aloud's hit 'Sound Of The Underground' below...

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