David Hasselhoff struggles with British accents as Britain's Got Talent auditions move north

David Hasselhoff

Britain's Got Talent 2011 auditions move north this weekend to Manchester and Glasgow, and as the try outs continue, it becomes clear that David Hasselhoff is struggling with some of the regional accents. Tonight's show, starting at 8PM on ITV1, sees The Hoff having a tough time understanding the auditionees.

One contestant, James, says: "I’m from Glasgow, from a place called Weymss Bay, across from the Cowal Peninsula."


However David looks confused and says: "I have no idea what you’re saying to me, but it sounds great."

Asked what he’ll be playing, James says: "My own Boogie Woogie, do you know Jools Holland? Have you heard of Jools Holland?"

Still confused, David replies: "Yes, Phil Collins, yes."

Meanwhile when one contestant comes on with her dog, Fenn, David has trouble hearing the animal’s name. Linda says: "My name’s Linda and this is Fenn."

"How old’s Ned?" Hasselhoff asks.

Correctly the US movie star's mistake, Linda tells him: "Fenn is four." However it’s all in vain as the former America's Got Talent judge then asks: "How long have you had Ned?"

Amanda leans over and tells David: "It’s Fenn," while Linda adds: "It’s Fenn, F E N N."

Ironically it seems as though The Hoff wasn't the only one with difficulties grasping words during the audition, as Linda goes on to sing Big Spender but gets the words wrong and sings, "Big Bender."


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