Flop comedian Elaine drops the f-bomb on Britain's Got Talent as audience boo her off stage!


Things get heated on the Britain's Got Talent stage tonight when cookery student Elaine from Manchester tries out for the show. The wannabe comic fails to resonate with the audience however, leading to a torrent of abuse between the crowd and Elaine as she's booed off of the stage!

Speaking before her audition, Elaine says: "I’m over 21, I’m from Manchester and I go to college. I’m doing a cookery course, learning soup and sauces. But I’ve come to Britain’s Got Talent because I’d like to be a top comedian.


If I was performing at the Royal Variety performance, I’d be on top of the world. I hope I can make the Queen laugh."

Elaine takes to the stage but her jokes fall flat and as the audience chant, ‘Off,’ at her, she tells them to, ‘F**k off,’ sticks her finger up and storms off stage.

A shocked Dec asks: "Did you swear at the audience?"

Still annoyed, Elaine angrily replies: "Yes, well they were booing me off, the b*stards."

Tune into Britain's Got Talent 2011 from 8PM tonight to see the action!


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