More on cute singing duo Grace and her 92-year-old grandfather Ted!

Grace and Ted

We first featured Grace & Ted on the site yesterday with a video of their audition, and we've got more gossip to share ahead of tomorrow's show! The singing duo appear in Saturday's latest audition episode singing Gwen Stefani's 'Rich Girl' accompanied with some rather unique dance moves.

Grace explains to Ant and Dec before their audition that they will be singing for the judges and that Ted used to be professional. Ted says to Ant and Dec: "I used to do it for money, like you grabbers.


"I used to be a professional singer in pubs and clubs and I gave it up when my first daughter was born. When Grace came along I was unearthed again. I don’t want to let her down."

Grace adds: "That’s what he’s worried about, and he won’t let me down."

When they get on stage Ted forgets to use his microphone to speak to the judges and Amanda has to repeat her questions because he can’t hear her. Amanda asks "I’m thinking that you’re retired now?" to which Ted replies:

"I’m tired?" to laughs from the crowd in Manchester.

The pair kick off by singing 'Rich Girl', followed by 'New York, New York'.

Following their audition, David says: "I think the Queen will love this. And this beats the hell out of America’s Got Talent. Terrific job, congratulations, very entertaining."

Michael meanwhile jokes that Ted would make a good doll who when you pulled a string says, "What?"

VIDEO: Britain's Got Talent Preview: Unique singing duo Ted & Grace!

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