Amanda Holden confesses to 'feeling terrible' over leaving The Hoff out of her and Michael's chats!

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden has confessed to finding herself 'feeling terrible' after she and fellow Britain's Got Talent judge Michael McIntyre left David Hasselhoff out of their charts! The West End star told The Sun's Buzz magazine this week that the pair had simply bonded right away.

"I absolutely adore Michael," Amanda told the publication. “We never stopped talking in the auditions. We were as thick as thieves. Poor David [Hasselhoff] was very much on the end of the table. The Hoff did turn round to me one day and say: ‘I’m used to this because this is what Piers Morgan and Sharon Osborne were like judging on America’s Got Talent.’


"I felt terrible. I didn’t mean to not include him. It’s just that thing of us Brits together.”

However David Hasslehoff didn't seem to mind all that much, laughing: “Mandy really took charge of the panel this year. You know the way that Simon Cowell always used to stop the music when he’d had enough of an act? Well, Amanda did that right off the bat this time."

He added: "After five years of sitting next to two extremely powerful characters, Mandy has been unleashed.”

Britain's Got Talent 2011 continues tomorrow night on ITV1 at 8PM.

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