The X Factor's Simon Cowell confesses: I fancy 'mad' Cheryl Cole!

Simon Cowell

The X Factor superemo Simon Cowell has confessed he does fancy Cheryl Cole - despite finding the 27-year-old singer completely mad. Speaking to OK! magazine, Cowell said that he and Cole have the most "bonkers conversations" with one another on the show.

ITV have already confirmed that Simon will be leaving the show this year to focus on the launch of the programme in the US and it's expected Cheryl will follow. A source said: "Producers this side of the pond aren’t happy she has gone but this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


"Bosses in the US are nervous but it looks as though Simon has twisted their arms.”

Meanwhile Simon was confident that the pair's relationship would help them together on the US programme. "Cheryl has always been mad," he said, "If you look into her eyes you will see total madness. She was always fighting it but it was always there ready to come out. I’ve had the most bonkers conversations with Cheryl.”

He added: “I fancy Cheryl. You can’t not fancy her. Although I probably fancy her much more than she fancies me!”

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