Ofcom blasts inaccurate and misleading Daily Mail reports covering The X Factor


Television watchdog Ofcom has blasted the laughing stock of a newspaper Daily Mail for its inaccurate and misleading reporting of The X Factor last year. In particular., the regulator pointed out that reports which criticised Rihanna and Christina Aguilera's performances included more graphic content then the actual show.

In a statement released today, Ofcom noted: "It is clear that the photographs that were published in the newspaper were significantly more graphic and close-up than the material that had been broadcast in the programme," adding that the images had "been taken from a different angle to the television cameras."


The report in the Daily Mail following last year's final led to more than 2,000 complaints from apparent viewers, all of which were dismissed by the watchdog.

In their decision on last year's live final show, Ofcom conceded that Rihanna's performance of 'What's My Name' did involve "some mildly sexual overtones" and "included images of her gyrating and rocking her buttocks," however judged that as "the camera panned quickly and continuously throughout the performance," these shots were too brief to be deemed unsuitable.

Ofcom also refused to uphold complaints about Christina Aguilera's performance of her then new single 'Express' from her movie 'Burlesque'. The report admitted that "the outfits of some of the dancers were revealing" and "were of a sexualised nature" however overall deemed the performance suitable because of the Burlesque theme of the song.

"It is important however to see these sexualised elements of the Christina Aguilera routine in context," the report stated. It went on to further criticise media reports from the likes of the Daily Mail by saying: "Focusing on the stage costumes and dance routines in isolation, particularly when these were presented within the context of a musical performance, may risk exaggerating their significance to viewers."

In total, Ofcom received 2,868 complaints about The X Factor 2010 final, all of which were dismissed.

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