Dannii Minogue 'will not renew X Factor contract' for the 2011 series

Dannii Minogue

Aussie pop princess Dannii Minogue is set to quit The X Factor this year, reportedly opting to not renew her current contract. According to sources, the talent judge instead wants to focus on her fashion line, music comeback - expected later this year - and her home life with her new baby.

ITV have already confirmed Simon Cowell will not be a main judge on the show this year and it is expected that Cheryl Cole will also leave the programme to join Cowell on the US show. Dannii Minogue also leaving the panel would mean a return for only Louis Walsh on this year's show.


A supposed insider told M is for Music: “Dannii has thought long and hard about whether to quit and although she loves the programme she feels it’s the right time to go.

“Simon has already left and with Cheryl also looking likely to leave too Dannii has decided that a fresh start is needed. She wants to focus on her home-life and fashion line and is thinking about her musical comeback. She doesn’t want to be forced into releasing a certain type of music in which she would have little creative input, just to please X Factor bosses”.

The move could make it easier for The X Factor to totally revamp the panel in a similar way to American Idol has done, with a whole new set of judges.

The insider added: “Dannii saw firsthand how Cheryl’s solo career unfolded and although there is no doubt she has been successful, Dannii is keen to take a different direction

“She feels like her profile is high enough now to walk away from the show and still have a successful career.”

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