Third member of Alan and Gay's bell ringing act 'too nervous' to appear on telly!

Gay and Alan

We were quite impressed by Alan and Gay Cooper's strange bell ringing act on Saturday's Britain's Got Talent, but it seems as though the husband and wife duo were hiding something! The act usually sees a third member, Carla Runciman, who today said she was "too nervous" to appear on the telly...

A source close to the mysterious member told The Mirror today: "She realises now what a huge opportunity the audition was. She has been saying she could become the Pete Best of bellringers. She could miss out on big money deals, more success and fame.


“People think she had a row with the Coopers but that is not true. But you do wonder how much she is going to live to regret not joining them on stage."

Alan and Gay received three yeses from the judges on Saturday's opening show, as they performed along to Celine Dion’s 'My Heart Will Go On' with a range of bells.

Carla said about backing out of the show: “I simply got nervous at the idea of appearing on TV, and decided not to take part.

“I have been asked if there has been an argument, or if there’s a rift between me and Gay and Alan, this is not the case, I’m just too shy for TV.”

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