Did wacky Steven Hall copy his act from YouTube hit The Evolution of Dance?

Steven Hall

We'll be the first to admit that we absolutely loved Steven Hall's audition on Saturday night, the 53-year-old's wacky dance routine to a barrage of classic hits certainly had us in stitches, not to mention the Britain's Got Talent judges and audience. However it now seems Stephen have been influenced by an viral internet video...

Commenter Dave Apple told TellyMix on our original article on Steven Hall: "Steve Hall ripped off Evolution of Dance – done 5 years ago, done better in the original.

"Steve Hall shouldn’t get through, he should come up with something original."

Taking a look at the Evolution of Dance video below it's pretty clear that there some similarities with Stephen's act, however a BGT insider said today: "Steven is a unique act. The whole entertainment factor is he looks like a headmaster and suddenly comes out with these iconic moves."

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